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Solea dental laser

We are proud and excited to now offer laser dentistry treatment!

Lasers have had a part in dentistry for many years, but now it has become an even more useful tool.

Do shots and drills make you uncomfortable during filling procedures? You may be a candidate for Laser dentistry! Ask us about how laser dentistry can change your smile.

What types of Laser services do we offer might you ask? 

The team at Beard and Holmen offers a wide variety laser services including hard and soft tissue procedures. Our laser filling techniques allow us to do most simple fillings without the need for anesthetic. We can offer many soft tissue procedures as well including gingival recontouring and frenectomies. 

One of the major advantages of utilizing a laser to perform these procedures as opposed to traditional techniques is the need for only minimal anesthetic and sometimes none at all. During soft tissue procedures there is also minimal amounts of bleeding and increased speed of tissue healing as well. 




Acute Care

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